With 16 New Houses, Moishe House Now at 75

Moishe House Paris residents prepare food for their Tikkun Olam program.
Moishe House Paris residents prepare food for their Tikkun Olam program.; photo courtesy Moishe House.

Due to significant interest from young Jewish communities around the world, Moishe House opened 16 houses last year, including several across Europe and South Africa. Their global network now includes 75 houses in 17 countries.

Following the recent launch of a Global Community Fund and with matching support from the Sabrina Merage Foundation, Moishe House opened locations in Cape Town, Paris, and Prague this past fall.

As Moishe House works to increase the initial global fund of $100,000 to more than $200,000 in 2015, along with other donations from local supporters, the organization plans to open four new houses abroad and is exploring locations in Europe such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Marseilles, Munich and Vienna while considering communities in South America such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Also, in the planning stages, are specialized houses in either Australia or Germany for Russian-speaking Jews and a new third Moishe House in Israel (in addition to the houses in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv).

“This fund ensures that groups of young Jews in communities all over the world will have the opportunity to open a Moishe House in their city without having to worry about the challenging task of raising local support,” said Sabrina Merage, founder of the Sabrina Merage Foundation. “It takes dedication, hard work, and a ton of time to be a Moishe House resident. If you are willing, I, and many others, will support you.”