Walking for the Cure in Jerusalem

5000 participants from around the world took part in yesterday’s “Victory of Life” – Israel Race for the Cure. Under a sun-filled sky, young and old, female and male, they all came to support this first ever event here in Israel. Officially a race, all but a small handful of participants walked through central Jerusalem in order to raise money to fight breast cancer.

Beginning in Jerusalem’s Gan Sacher park, and concluding outside the Old City walls, participants included 800 Arab-Israelis, 400 visitors from overseas, and a surprising number of young Anglo olim and long-term program participants. Some of the most visible groups included marchers from Amit, Hadassah, Hillel, the Joint (JDC) and WIZO. Noticeable by their black tees in a sea of white – a group from Shaare Zedek Medical Center, and by their white umbrellas, women representing Na’amat.

Balloons flying above Jerusalem; courtesy David Katz
Senator Joe and Hadassah Lieberman; courtesy Jewlicious

Israeli teen beauty queens. From L to R, BatEl Jobi, Gal Erez and Adi Sadi; courtesy Jewlicious

Diverse participants; courtesy Jewlicious