To Be Actively Jewish

While we are on the subject of Birthright Israel, a new documentary, Soul Tripping, has just been released by Jerusalem based Go2Films.

Photographed in the US and Israel, this hour-long documentary follows three young American Jews as they make the journey and seek to understand how Birthright Israel affects their lives.

Regular readers will recognize one of the three, Michelle Citrin, the Rosh Hashanah Girl and most recently of Pass the Candle fame.

Here’s the trailer:


Can 10 days in another country change your life? Can having fun overseas create a sense of belonging at home? Hundreds of thousands of young Jews from around the world are making sponsored visits to Israel through the Taglit Birthright-Israel project, which seeks to reconnect them to their Jewish roots and assure the future of Jewish communities. As it follows three young women in search of themselves, Soul Tripping explores the American Jewish experience and the impact of an encounter with Israel.