Think Like a Media Mogul

from Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog:

2010 Predictions: Number 1 is I’ll Keep Referring You to Beth

To Succeed Online, You Have to Think Like a Media Mogul

You aren’t just a communications director. You are a content creator, a publisher, a broadcaster. Heck, you are your nonprofit’s resident media mogul. Instead of sending a press release to your newspaper, TV station, and radio station, you are producing your own e-newsletter, podcast, and YouTube channel. You even have your own versions of the 24-hour cable news networks – they are your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Your blog is your nonprofit’s reality TV show.

It’s a lot to manage, but try to manage it you must, if you want your supporters to really connect with what you are doing, and to make it a part of their own lives. This is communications in 2010 . . . it’s multi-channel, real time, transparent, and personal. It’s what people are getting in all other aspects of their lives and I bet the nonprofits that do it well will be rewarded with more attention from their supporters.