Technology To Do in 2009

We posted this a year ago, but with the current economic crisis making it even more important to evaluate and reevaluate all our spending it is appropriate to remind everyone of the importance of reviewing technology plans on an ongoing basis:

As you begin to finalize your organizations’ technology plans for the year, the most important word to remember is test. According to Miriam-Webster this would be, “a critical examination, observation, or evaluation.” Keeping this simple and basic concept towards the front of our minds will be one way to succeed in 2009.

What specifically should you be doing? For starters,

1. Take a fresh look at the conversion numbers on your email campaigns; test new methods; test the timing; and be timely.

2. Take a fresh look at all of your online giving forms; test new giving options; test new themes.

3. Test, retest, test and retest all your email communications. Test your timing again; test you links; test your appeals; test your subject line. Constantly.

4. Do NOT neglect the backend. Review every piece of automatic correspondence you send to your constituents including (but not limited to): acknowledgments; thank you notes; updates on new projects or endeavors; organizational news; comment boxes; Q and A.

5. Acknowledge all web site inquiries quickly.

6. Most important of all, listen to those who use your site. They are generally your most enthusiastic supporters and will provide a wealth of information for you.

Print this list out and tape to the side of your desk so you can refer to it often; it is that important; especially #6. Really.

p.s. As a new addition to this year’s technology list, review your social media plans – especially video. More important, if you are not yet using social media tools, why not? We recognize social media is not for everyone – but at least make an informed decision. Don’t be left out due to ignornace or nervousness of trying something new.