Super Jews – Episode 1: “The Package”

Chanukah begins Sunday night – are you ready – have you picked your team? You have no idea what I’m taking about?

Well, meet Team SuperJews! Captain Israel, Queen Kabbalah, Judah the Giant, Beth L, Eternal Light, and Mega Mensch.

Still clueless? Check out our previous post, Are You Ready to Be a Hero?, this great video from William Levin, of ROI120, ShaBot 6000 and “Pass the Candle” fame, and join now!


One of the major goals of the SuperJews project is “building ties to a new generation of Federation supporters and leaders while they are still young.”  ColorWars is the initial vehicle the UJC is employing in this endeavor. We believe they are the first large “established” Jewish communal organization to make a concentrated effort to reach their target demographic through social media. As such, we’ll be following their progress with great interest. And as strong proponents of inclusion in our community, we will also be interested in seeing what trends begin to develop among this audience within the Federation world.

Remember – for more information, to sign-up, follow the progress and more.