Schusterman Foundation introduces Interactive Playbook to help Nonprofits Harness the Power of Data

data-playbookThe Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation has released a new interactive resource to help professionals across the purpose-driven sector measure, evaluate and share the impact of their work. While a growing number of foundations and nonprofit organizations are recognizing data as integral to achieving their goals, many are struggling to find the resources necessary to use data effectively. The Data Playbook is designed to fill this gap and offer organizations of all sizes the tools they need to create a sustainable data strategy.

The Data Playbook guides users through a series of practical exercises to determine:

  • Which types of data an organization should collect;
  • The best methods for collecting different types of data;
  • How to analyze data according to strategic goals; and
  • How to use data to tell compelling stories about an organization’s work.

From survey design to advanced analysis to expert strategies for data visualization, the Data Playbook speaks to professionals of all knowledge levels. It also includes a series of hypothetical and real-world examples (drawing on the experience of Jewish organizations, among others), industry tips and a robust toolkit for accessing more information.

The Data Playbook is part of Schusterman’s ongoing efforts to serve as a learning partner for the organizations it supports and to create field-wide resources that address issues of increasing importance to the nonprofit and philanthropic communities. While data has long been a mainstay in for-profit industries, it is now playing a growing role in the business of social change.

This is the second online Playbook produced by the Schusterman Family Foundation. Last year the Foundation introduced the Alumni Playbook, a compendium of best practices and case studies designed to help nonprofits keep their alumni networks active and engaged.