New Jewish Foundation Dedicates Millions to Jewish Social Justice

The Jewish Liberation Fund (JLF) is a new, community-funded Jewish foundation, established to mobilize resources to sustain and grow the Jewish movement for justice and liberation. With more than five million dollars pledged over the next decade, the Jewish Liberation Fund seeks to transform Jewish social justice philanthropy and ensure robust and stable funding for the Jewish social justice movement.

Launched as a collaboration between a new generation of Jewish philanthropists, activists, and community organizers, the Jewish Liberation Fund’s grantmaking prioritizes building the power of the Jewish movement for social justice. Current grantees focus on grassroots community organizing, base building, and social justice campaigns, as well as movement-sustenance work, including the arts, cultural-creation, community-building, and spirituality.

In its inaugural round of grantmaking, Jewish Liberation Fund has awarded a total of $100,000 to four JOCSM (Jews of Color, Sephardi, and/or Mizrahi) -led projects, with an additional $100,000 in grants expected to be awarded by Spring 2021. Current grantees include: Min Hameitzar: A National Network of JOC Havurot, Not Free to Desist, Rimonim Liturgy Project, and Tzedek Lab.

The Jewish Liberation Fund employs a participatory grantmaking approach to philanthropy, in which power and control over JLF’s strategic direction and grantmaking is held by constituents and grassroots leaders.

Jewish Liberation Fund is a fiscally sponsored project of Proteus Fund, an organization with a 25 year history of full-service philanthropy, bringing together like-minded partners to build effective social movements and create lasting change.