Natan Announces Request for Proposals:
Confronting Antisemitism

Natan inspires young philanthropists to become actively engaged in building the Jewish future by giving collaboratively to cutting-edge initiatives in Israel and in Jewish communities around the world.

Natan is a giving circle – a grantmaking foundation where members pool their charitable contributions, set the group’s philanthropic strategy and agenda, and collectively award grants to emerging initiatives, working actively with their leaders to help them grow. Natan believes that educated, engaged, and entrepreneurial philanthropy can transform both givers and grant recipients.

Natan is especially interested in supporting entrepreneurial individuals, startups and fledgling organizations – catalyzing and supporting innovation that begins on the margins of the Jewish organizational world in order to develop new standalone organizations and to infuse innovative thinking into larger, legacy institutions.

Natan is now accepting applications for our Confronting Antisemitism grants. Now in its 5th year, this grant committee continues to focus on identifying and supporting a wide range of emerging efforts to understand and expose contemporary forms of antisemitism – including those that have emerged in recent months – as well as organizations that are encouraging prosocial activities that bring Jews together with other ethnic and religious groups, and organizations that are building an awareness and understanding of Israel and of the diversity of the Jewish People as way to combat ignorance and misinformation about Jews. To learn more about this opportunity, please review our Request for Proposals.

To adapt to the changing environment, we’ve shifted our process and timeline for our two other main grant committees, Jewish Connections and Jerusalem. These changes include deeper learning and faster, more responsive grantmaking. Stay tuned for more details!