Natan Invites Letters of Inquiry in 2 Areas

natan logo[This information originates from Natan, the provider of this opportunity. In the event you have questions or require more details, please contact Natan directly.]

Natan, a giving circle based in New York City, is now accepting Letters of Inquiry from new applicants in two program areas:

1.  Jewish Connection (formerly known as Emerging Models of Jewish Connection)

  • Jewish Connection Main Grants will continue Natan’s history of supporting innovative models for connecting people, especially disengaged Jews in their 20s and 30s, to Jewish practices and experiences, Jewish culture and ideas, and Jewish networks and communities in North America.
  • For the first time, Natan will also be offering Small Grants to catalyze funding for locally-based emergent spiritual communities (including rabbi-led communities and independent minyans) and Jewish educational farming initiatives (including educational farms and gardens).

2.  Confronting Antisemitism (new in 2016)

  • The new Confronting Antisemitism grants promoting or catalyzing the creation of innovative, grassroots approaches that can complement and inform larger institutions’ approaches to understanding and confronting antisemitism. Natan’s grants will support innovative nonprofit organizations and individuals (including but not limited to academics, journalists, artists, and social entrepreneurs) in North America and Europe.

The Natan Fund inspires philanthropists to engage actively in Jewish giving by funding innovative initiatives that are shaping the Jewish future. Natan is especially interested in supporting entrepreneurial individuals, startups and fledgling organizations – catalyzing and supporting innovation that begins on the margins of the Jewish organizational world in order to develop new standalone organizations and to infuse innovative thinking into larger, legacy institutions.

The changes to the 2017-8 grant areas reflect Natan members’ desire to mesh their philanthropic interests with the evolving needs of the fields in which they invest. The Jewish Connection Small Grants are intended to help nationally-innovative ideas proliferate on a local level, and they are an extension of the $2 million Natan has already invested in emergent communities and Jewish educational farms. The Confronting Antisemitism grants emerge from Natan’s experience supporting Jewish Peoplehood initiatives, where increasingly, applicants from around the world have described the challenges posed both by the resurgence of global antisemitism and the ongoing delegitimization of Israel.

All of the necessary information on applying to open grant areas can be found on the How to Apply and Frequently Asked Questions pages of the Natan website. Please make sure to read the Request for Proposals for whichever grant area you plan to apply for. Applicants must have operating budgets below $1.5 million.


Proposals are due by 11:59pm EST on Monday, November 28, 2016. Natan will review the applications and will invite select applicants to complete Full Proposals (through the Amplifier Common Grant Application platform) in January 2017. Finalists will be invited to present to the relevant grant committee in April or May, and grant recipients will be notified of their awards by July 2017. The grant year runs from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.

Recipients of Natan’s 2016-7 Emerging Models of Jewish Connection and Jewish Peoplehood grants who plan to apply for a grant renewal do not have to submit Letters of Inquiry at this time; grant renewal applications will be combined with midyear grant reports.

For more information, please contact