Limmud North America on Fast Track to Engaging Thousands More

Incoming Limmud North America Co-Chairs Faye Rosenberg-Cohen and Sivya Twersky have hit the ground running to realize their Limmud vision across the United States and Canada. The very first step toward that end is to hire a Limmud North America director. The process has already begun.

“Over the next two years, we aim to develop Limmud North America as a platform for strengthening Limmud across North America,” said newly appointed Limmud North America Co-Chair Faye Rosenberg-Cohen, a founder of Limmud in Winnipeg Canada who is Community Planning and Allocations Director at her local Federation. “Bolstering and drawing upon Limmud’s grassroots nature, we will continue to empower volunteers and expand Jewish learning in all its diversity. With a dedicated board and global support, we have much to look forward to.”

Recruiting a full-time director is top priority to advance Limmud North America (NA)’s goal of making every Limmud community sustainable. “We are looking for a self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit,” said Limmud NA Co-Chair Syvia Twersky, a former Limmud NY president, who is a senior genetic counselor. “By spring, we hope to have our new director. She or he will focus on working with philanthropists and national partners to strengthen the Limmud network of communities and expand intergenerational learning opportunities.”

The new co-chairs succeed Founding Limmud NA Chair Shep Rosenman, a stalwart of Limmud LA, who is an attorney in his day job. They were appointed following a Board retreat facilitated by Jumpstart.

“A big thank you to Shep for chairing Limmud NA until now,” Twersky concluded.

To support and implement their vision and goals, the new co-chairs will also grow the Limmud NA Board and promote partnerships with donors who share Limmud’s commitment to diversity, engagement and learning.

“We are excited to expand operations in North America after successfully launching the Limmud regional hub in Europe,” said Limmud Chief Executive Eli Ovits. “To that end, we are recruiting passionate, talented people for our Board as well as professional support staff. This will enable our volunteer leadership to design diverse and welcoming communities of learning across the United States and Canada. We thank our supporters and founders who continue to guide us.”