Limmud FSU Forges Ahead

Limmud FSU has released its annual report for 2013:

our global impact

from the introduction:

Limmud FSU is a stealth force in the world of informal Jewish education for the young Russian-speaking Jewish community. Today, we experience their passion and burgeoning interest in their Jewish heritage, reflecting their drive and desire to understand what it is to be Jewish. Entering its eighth year, volunteerism and participation in Limmud FSU events has grown exponentially.

As we travel on behalf of Limmud FSU, from Moscow and Ukraine to Belarus, Israel, Moldova, St. Petersburg, Canada and the United States, we continue to be inspired by the intellectual and spiritual hunger of the participants, who were eager to understand: “What is being Jewish about?” It is the uniqueness of the Limmud model that provides young Russian-speaking Jewry an unfettered, safe environment to learn about their Jewish roots and history and, most importantly, about their place in the Jewish community.

The complete Limmud FSU Annual Report is available for download.