Is Your Website Tired?

from Fundraising Success Magazine:

pic_httpYou Might Need to Redesign Your Web Site If …

For most businesses and organizations, a Web site started out as an online billboard or brochure. As technology has changed – and it has done so at breakneck speed the last several years – Web sites have become online locations where audiences expect to get real services and take actions important to them.

“Modernizing” your Web presence – particularly if it involves multiple sites, complex e-commerce applications or extensive libraries of content – can be a long, costly (and sometimes painful) experience…

But how do you know whether it is time to redesign your Web site? Less than two years ago, a thoroughly modern Web site could ignore things with names like social media and RSS, accessibility and search engine optimization; it could do without Flash-based animation and “rich media”; it added new content weekly, if that often. It had no blog. When content needed to change, a technician was called in to work magic with HTML code.

But things have changed … and keep changing, almost daily it seems. What appeared up to date yesterday, today can seem so “yesterday”.