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David Friedman says he and his successor, Tom Nides, will lead the March of the Living together

The two ambassadors will join the annual trip in April, Friedman said.

The 35th anniversary gala of the March of the Living saw a rare instance of bipartisanship when David Friedman, the U.S. ambassador to Israel during the Donald Trump administration, announced that he would be leading the next march at Auschwitz in April alongside his successor, Ambassador Tom Nides, who was appointed by President Joe Biden.   

“This year, there’s not just going to be a government delegation leading the March of the Living, but there’s going to be a true U.S. bipartisan delegation of Democrats of all stripes and Republicans of all stripes, and a bunch of celebrities,” said Friedman, who was a co-chair of the gala. “And we are going to tell the world not in words but in deeds that all of us… no matter what our political views, we all stand together in remembering the Holocaust, in committing to ‘Never again,’ and in committing to fight against antisemitism.”