Burnt Edges of Carmel

by Nancy Shurka

There is a place in the North – a stone throw away from En Hod – where abandoned children from Russia, Ethiopia, Brazil and elsewhere are provided a second home or better yet, a second chance. The place is called Yemin Orde. What is so unique about this village, are the children that live there.

When you walk between the simple yet charming homes set against a beautiful hilltop along the Carmel Forest, you become intoxicated by a sense of peace usually hard to find. I am not sure if it’s the guaranty of a better tomorrow or just the scenic location of the Youth Village that warms you from within. Whatever it is it’s special.

Luckily after the Carmel Fire, that sensation still exists. What has changed is that many buildings are charred and destroyed, children are not running around and laughing, the Earth is clearly blackened along with trees, leaves, flowers, toys, pots, plates… I could go on.

What is even more interesting is that very few of us Israelis, know about this wonderful place. While the fire tore apart the Carmel Forest and the media covered the tragedy that hit us all – some more painfully than others – Yemin Orde only received notice a few days later. I ask, why is it that En Hod, a stone throw away, immediately was covered by news reports and Yemin Orde (home to 500 abandoned children) was not?

Well, I think it’s time we all learn about this amazing place. For now, I only have photos of the damage that was caused. Hopefully, soon the images will be only history.

You can read more about Yemin Orde Youth Village, their philosophy and programs, in this article we published back in January: Yemin Orde Youth Village Leads by Example.