Americans’ Trust Nonprofits Over Government

American Express has released findings from a “Perspectives on Nonprofits” survey, which shows that while seven in ten Americans (71%) trust nonprofits more than they trust government or industry to address some of the most pressing issues of our time, more than eight in ten Americans (83%) believe that nonprofits do not always have the resources they need to invest in the growth and development of their employees.

The survey findings were announced as American Express welcomes 48 emerging nonprofit leaders from around the country to participate in its fifth American Express Leadership Academy, a nationwide training program to develop the next generation of leaders in the nonprofit sector.

Created in partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), the Academy helps participants polish the personal, business and leadership skills needed to run a successful nonprofit enterprise in today’s complex economic climate.

The Leadership Academy curriculum focuses on helping participants gain a better understanding of how best to use their own personal strengths and styles, and how to apply their knowledge to practical situations, as evidenced by alumni who are using the knowledge they gained in the program to advance real change in their individual organizations.