A New Eastern Exposure For Fundraisers

from the New York Jewish Week:

As Jewish presence and wealth grow in China and the Far East, Israelis mine philanthropic gold

With the U.S. economy faltering and nonprofits scrambling to meet their fundraising goals, an unexpected source of philanthropic dollars is emerging: Jews in the Far East.

Expatriates from Israel and several Western countries, usually successful businesspeople and high-tech specialists, are moving to places like China, India and Singapore in increasing numbers. In the region, whose total Jewish population numbers about 10,000 (China’s is by far the largest), members of the community are establishing a network of religious and cultural organizations there, and supporting Jewish causes back home, especially in Israel…

“It’s certainly not surprising to see that Jewish philanthropy is going there,” said Jeffrey Solomon, president of Andrea and Charles Philanthropies. “Where there is economic opportunity, very often Jewish entrepreneurs follow.”

Solomon calls this part of the “globalization of philanthropy. As wealth is spreading, philanthropy is spreading.”

image: Shanghai Jewish Center