2016 ROI Summit Kicks Off in Jerusalem

ROI 2016 panorama150 of the Jewish world’s leading young change makers have come together in Jerusalem for this year’s ROI Summit. Over 5 days they’ll engage in intensive networking, skill-building and ideation. This year, Summit participants hail from 29 countries worldwide.

ROI 2016 - Lynn

Welcoming the participants last night, Lynn Schusterman, co-founder and chair of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, said: “Today, 10 years after its founding, I believe ROI must be more than a community of individuals – it needs to be a movement for good. You are here this week because we see your potential to power this movement.”

ROI 2016-3

ROI empowers its members to take an active role in shaping the Jewish future. “It is a movement defined NOT by what we stand against but by what we stand for: progress through innovation, big ideas, bold action and hard work. Inclusivity, equality, diversity. A love for the Jewish people and for Israel. And a willingness to listen, learn, share with and challenge each other.” (Lynn Schusterman in her opening remarks)

ROI 2016 - JK

Executive Director Justin Korda relates ROI’s celebration of its 10th Summit’s to fundamental concepts in Judaism: “Ten refers to a quorum, a minyan, which is a concept that is rooted in the notion of community and the importance of witnessing one another… These examples connect TEN with ideas of community and collaboration, and to the notion of strength in numbers.”

ROI 2016-4

ROI Community operates on the principle of reciprocity: members both contribute to and gain from the network.

ROI 2016 - 4

What sets the ROI Summit apart is its focus on peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing, which stems from the firm belief that the participants provide some of the most valuable content in the room.

ROI 2016 - 5Throughout the five-day gathering, participants book Brain Dates: 30-minute, one-on-one meetings of the mind in which they can share their expertise as they learn from, challenge and inspire one another.

ROI 2016 - 5

ROIers are making their mark. The outstanding group of global leaders not only spans countries worldwide, but also encompasses the passion to ignite widespread dialogue about important issues – from technology to environment, from Jewish peoplehood to inclusivity, from coexistence to creativity, and more.

ROI 2016 - 7

Keynote speakers at the conference include Jeremy Heimans, co-founder and CEO of Purpose, a home for crowd-based movements aimed at solving the world’s biggest problems.

Jeremy challenged the participants to consider how they, as change makers, can leverage “new power” and “old power” to extend their reach and impact.

ROI 2016 - 8

Through the connections and collaborations created at the Summit and year-round, ROI’s 1,000+ members are collectively connecting millions to Jewish life.

Photos by Snir Katzir

ROI Community and it’s flagship program –  ROI Summit – are initiatives of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation.