£2.2m Fund for Jewish Refugees Established by World Jewish Relief

World Jewish Relief (WJR) has announced a new program that will support Jewish refugees of Nazi persecution in Ukraine and Moldova. The humanitarian aid charity has allocated an initial £2.2 million over three years to provide critical welfare support to Jewish people born while in evacuation from their homelands during World War II.

The new welfare project has been introduced due to recent changes to eligibility criteria for the Claims Conference which means that certain Jewish Refugees of Nazi persecution living in the former Soviet Union no longer qualify for support. WJR’s initiative will fill this gap, providing food, medical supplies, home repairs and warm clothing to 1,568 people living in poverty in the region.

Funding will come from money granted to WJR from the Otto Schiff Housing Association, which closed its doors in 2011. The funding is specifically restricted to help Jewish refugees of Nazi persecution. The program will run for an initial period of three years, but is expected to continue after this date.