Zuckerberg Focuses on Impact

from Tactical Philanthropy Advisors:

The Meaning of Mark Zuckerberg’s Philanthropy

… Once upon a time, massive donations made by the wealthy were directed to organization that they had a personal connection with such as their alma mater. Since the super wealthy tend to have personal connections with institutions in education, health care and the arts rather than direct social service organizations, the former received the bulk of major gifts.

Today, at least for the uber-successful, the focus of philanthropy is moving towards donations that can make the most difference.

The size of Zuckerberg’s gift, almost certainly making him the youngest person ever to donate $100 million, will make the headlines, but the real news is that the donation is going to Newark’s public school system which Zuckerberg never attended. Instead, the selection of Newark reflects Zuckerberg’s belief that it represents a prime opportunity to make a big difference.

image: Mayor Cory Booker’s Flickr Stream