The Value of Resources

We put some really great resource links onto our site yesterday – several deal with online fundraising and steps you can still take to capture end of year giving. We hope you find them useful.

5 Ways to Get People to Sign Up for Your Email List

As with most things, the art of enticing new subscribers depends a lot on the kinds of emails you send and the kind of people you’re trying to attract.

7 Online Fundraising Ideas For Year-End Procrastinators

If you have a list of supporters’ email addresses and can put in about 24 hours’ worth of time, in about two weeks you can salvage this year’s online appeal and learn some valuable lessons to help you in the future.

Effective On-Line Donation Pages: Five Short Tips

On-line fundraising has become a growing source of income for many nonprofits over the past 10 years. But while organizations typically spend lots of time developing clever, creative, and inspirational on-line content, they often overlook more mundane aspects of on-line appeals that can make a big difference in converting advocates, subscribers, and other supporters into donors.

It’s Not Too Late to be Ready for the Most Charitable Time of the Year

For starters, send an appeal! Some 35 to 42 percent of all on-line giving happens in November and December, yet many groups don’t actually ask their supporters for contributions during that window.

Social Media: Recession-resistant Marketing

Social media marketing is an effective media channel in tough economic times. Conventional wisdom says that experimental media get cut in tough economic times, but social applications like word-of-mouth marketing are proving themselves, and they depend on an abundant resource – your customers  – rather than a scarce one  – marketing dollars. Successful fundraising is achieved through grassroots and community involvement, and therefore both engagement and activation with key influencers on the ground and through social media is essential. In a recession, social media with measurable results pays off.

Strengthening Your Online Presence: Now is the Time

Many nonprofits are feeling the impact of the financial crisis — in particular those reliant on corporate gifts. Others are bracing themselves for challenging conditions. In difficult economic times, it can be a natural reaction to stop all new investments. Yet, building strong constituent relationships and acquiring new donors to replenish losses is more important than ever.

Why is Growing Your Web traffic and Increasing Conversion More Important Than Ever?

It is estimated that 89.5 million online US consumers plan to give more than $3 billion to nonprofit organizations during the holiday season of 2008, according to a new study by Convio and JupiterResearch. Other studies show that even consumers who don’t buy or donate online use the Internet to research purchases and charities. That means that driving traffic to your website is critical to your organization’s ongoing success.