The Need to Invest in the Jewish World

from The Jerusalem Post:

‘Israel has distorted view of Diaspora’

“The government of Israel has a very distorted and shallow view of Diaspora Jewry, and this is the result of far too many gatekeepers blocking a genuine dialogue between Israeli Jews and the Diaspora,” according to Toronto Jewish Federation President Ted Sokolsky.

… And Israel, he believes, bears some of the responsibility for fostering a stronger relationship with world Jews that could help reverse these trends.

… Meanwhile, Sokolsky worries that American Jews are affiliating less not only within their own communities, but with the rest of the Jewish world.

“There are times that I’m concerned that the great American Jewish community is an iceberg that’s drifting away, that’s melting as it drifts. I’m seeing fundamental divisions growing between American Jewish attitudes on many issues and those of the rest of the Jewish world.”