The $300k Branding Campaign

The Jewish Federations of North America certainly has pulled a coup by getting their new #ish campaign covered as a news story by The New York Times:

You Don’t Have to Be Jewish to Love This Campaign

In a campaign that began on May 6, the Jewish Federations of North America, which is based in New York, is asking, “What’s your #ish?” The “#” in front of the “ish” – known as a hash mark, number sign, hash tag, pound sign or tick-tack-toe symbol – signals that the campaign is centered in the social media like Twitter.

… The campaign, which is scheduled to run through July, is much more of a long-term branding campaign than a short-term effort to request donations. It is being handled by multiple agencies, as is frequently the case with campaigns that are based predominantly in the social media.

The budget to develop and promote the campaign is being estimated at $250,000 to $300,000.

(a shout-out to our friends at Jewlicious for being mentioned in the article, And the “#ish of the day” for Sunday, identified as coming from Jewlicious, was this: “The centrality of Israel in Jewish identity is my #ish today. What’s your #ish?”)