Serve in India with JDC and Gabriel Project Mumbai

Gabriel Project MumbaiMumbai is home to 22 million people, and over 70% live in slums, many which have limited access to electricity, clean water, food, and basic education.

JDC is committed to assisting children in these slums. Through a partnership with Gabriel Project Mumbai, Entwine enables young Jews ages 18-30 to volunteer in India for four and eight week sessions throughout 2013 and 2014.

During each placement, volunteers will:

  • Work together to bring nutrition and literacy programs to children living in the slums of Mumbai
  • Engage with the Jewish community of India through unique programs and service opportunities
  • Explore Indian history and culture through trips, seminars, and courses

FALL 2013: October 15-December 10 (Application deadline: August 15, 2013)

WINTER 2013-2014: December 17-January 14 (Application deadline: October 15, 2013)

Apply today – e-mail