Score One for Brandeis

logoThe Genesis Philanthropy Group (GPG), a foundation dedicated to strengthening Jewish identity among Russian-speaking Jews worldwide, has committed up to $10.8 million to Brandeis University to establish the Brandeis Genesis Institute for Russian-speaking Jewry and to provide scholarships at Brandeis for undergraduate and graduate students.

The grant will also support a variety of activities to support Russian-speaking students, including recruitment, extra-curricular and community activities, outreach and organizing conferences, and exchanges with other institutions and groups.

Dr. Misha Galperin, ceo of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington and GPG’s Senior Advisor on the Brandeis project, said “Russian Jews have a lot to learn about, but also have a lot to contribute to Jewish communities where they live. The Brandeis Genesis Institute will be a major milestone in developing leadership from among this population and helping integrate Russian speaking Jews into the larger Jewish communities.”

The undergraduate scholarships commit the students to participate in group activities involving community service, cultural programs and projects, mentoring and discussions to develop and enhance Jewish identity.

The graduate scholarships will be awarded to master’s degree candidates in the Hornstein Jewish Professional Leadership Program, whose graduates hold leadership positions in major Jewish organizations in the United States and around the world.

Leonard Saxe, professor of Jewish Community Research and Social Policy, said “The Hornstein Program is excited to be able to train a cadre of communal leaders who can bring Russian culture and expertise to the Jewish community”.

For more information, visit the Brandeis Genesis Institute for Russian Jewry Web site.

about: The mission of Genesis Philanthropy Group is to develop and enhance Jewish identity among Russian-speaking Jews worldwide, with a particular emphasis on the former Soviet Union, North America, and Israel. GPG is committed to supporting and launching projects, programming, and institutions that are focused on ensuring that Jewish culture, heritage, and values are preserved in Russian-speaking Jewish communities across the globe.

In the past 18 months, GPG has made over 30 grants, which included gifts to organizations such as Birthright Israel, Moscow State University, the IDF Education Department, Limmud, Maccabi, and the New York Jewish Museum. Its most recent grants include $ 4.4 million to the Foundation for Jewish Camps, $2.8 million to Wexner Foundation, and $4.4 million to Yad Vashem.