NewsBits: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Current headlines touching our philanthropic world this morning…

from The Boston Globe:

One man’s imperative to give

An in depth look at Robert I. Lappin.

from The Jerusalem Post:

Police probing property sale in Ofra

Police have opened a criminal probe into the the World Zionist Organization’s former Settlement Division and the Partnership Association of Ofra for allegedly selling the rights to private Palestinian land in the Ofra settlement, the Attorney-General’s Office told the Yesh Din organization in a letter earlier this month.

A Jewish Agency source told The Jerusalem Post that the Settlement Division had until 2007 been linked only in name to the World Zionist Organization (itself a part of the Jewish Agency), adding that the arrangement allowed successive governments to fully control the division without having to take responsibility for its actions.


rioy-300x233PR Guru Friedlander Reports Massive non-Orthodox Donor Backlash Over Jerusalem Charedi Riots

The Charedi riots of the last several weeks in Jerusalem have caused and will continue to cause irreversible damage to the Charedi community on a massive scale, according to Charedi public relations consultant Ezra Friedlander.

“We live in an age where images and information are disseminated instantly,” he pointed out. “I ask: where is the Charedi leadership? Why have we seen no wide-scale condemnations of behavior repulsive to our law-abiding and peaceful community? Have they failed to notice that any legitimate grievances have dissipated with the first stone thrown?”