New Jewish Leadership Professional Cohort/Havurah to Launch

A new Jewish Leadership Professional Cohort/Havurah will take place during the 2019 SLBC National Conference, February 17-19 at the St. Louis Jewish Community Center. Originally designed as Song Leader Boot Camp, the conference has evolved over the last decade into SLBC, a national Jewish leadership and education conference where music is woven throughout the conference experience. The majority of participants are not song leaders but are, in fact, seeking powerful ways to grow their own leadership. SLBC is launching the new Jewish Leadership Professional Cohort/Havurah to teach leadership skills that cohort participants can impart through their own organizations to professional colleagues and the volunteers they engage and train.

The new Jewish Leadership Professional Cohort/Havurah is designed specifically for professionals whose work focuses on Jewish leadership development on a full-time basis, nationally or locally. The participants will:

1) Spend strategic organizational “team time” in a private space, including private instruction from SLBC faculty; 2) Learn from each other’s expertise and experiences; and, 3) Collaborate and learn with SLBC faculty and participants in the broader conference environment.

SLBC offers a profound exploration of the physiology, psychology, strategy, and execution behind explosive Jewish leadership and attracts a diverse community of rabbis, cantors, Jewish educators, day school and religious school teachers, camping staff, family engagement specialists, veteran and new song leaders, teens, college students, and adults. Participants dedicate time to create strategic road maps so that inspirational sessions are anchored in strategies.

To register, visit For more information, contact Elisa Recht at 314-991-0909. Directors of SLBC are Elisa Recht, Rick Recht and Rabbi Brad Horwitz. Co-Chairs of the new Cohort/Havurah are Karen Sher and Marci Mayer Eisen of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis, Cindy Goldstein of The Darrell Friedman Institute for Professional Development of The Associated in Baltimore, and Mark S. Young of William Davidson School/JTS, with support from professionals at both start-ups and legacy organizations across the country.