Matthew Bronfman on His Father, His Investing and Connecting Soviet Jews to Judaism

from The Jerusalem Post:

Matthew Bronfman: Top US businessman in love with Israel

The son of former World Jewish Congress president Edgar Bronfman, New York real-estate entrepreneur Matthew Bronfman has made a name for himself in both big business and the Jewish world, and has become a prominent philanthropist.

He is, inter alia, chairman of the international steering committee of Limmud FSU, a program focused on strengthening the Jewish identities of Russian-speaking Jews, and the chairman of the American Jewish Committee’s ACCESS, which trains Jewish professionals to shape public opinion and policy around the world.

As the biggest American Jewish investor in the Israeli economy, Bronfman is also the main shareholder in IKEA Israel, Israel Discount Bank and Shufersal.

The companies are also involved in charitable work, which include supporting AKIM, an association that helps rehabilitate mentally disabled people in Israel.

Bronfman, 52, did not have to take a course in how to win friends and influence people. It’s in his genes.

He may come from a famous family, but Bronfman has carved out his own niche as an immensely influential entrepreneur and philanthropist, both in the United States and Israel.