Limmud to Premier in Beijing

Erica Lyons writing for The Times of Israel:

Limmud debuts in China

Along the Great Wall of China, about ninety minutes outside of Beijing, a landmark gathering is about to take place. Some 80 Jews from all across the Far East will be studying and breaking bread together in a one-day Taste of Limmud event on June 3, what many are calling an optimistic beginning towards connecting this fractured, some say neglected part of the Jewish Diaspora.

… And in true Limmud spirit, this first Far Eastern Limmud gathering will bring together very diverse individuals joining together Jews living in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Shanghai, Beijing and Mumbai, some born in Asia, others passing through, some newly settled and others well established in their respective communities. And as diverse as the individuals are in terms of their own Jewish paths and experience, the communities are equally diverse themselves in the histories they represent. These histories span from the historical Jewish populations of India, living on the subcontinent for over two thousand years, to the relatively young but well established communities of Hong Kong and Singapore, established nearly one hundred-fifty years ago, to the relatively newer communities like Beijing and Tokyo.