Limmud International and Limmud FSU Release Annual Reports

Limmud InternationalThe success of Limmud in the UK has inspired many other communities across the Jewish world to adopt the Limmud model. Activists in countries across six continents have discovered that Limmud is the ideal vehicle to reach all types of Jews and reflect the diversity of their own communities, creating cross-communal and cross-generational experiences, accessible to all. Limmud is proud of having inspired 80 different communities, in 41 countries!, around the world.

Here is the 2014 Limmud International Annual Review, which you can download.


Limmud FSU logo 2015During 2014, Limmud FSU held nine events in seven different countries which were attended by over 5,000 Russian-speaking Jews. With their tenth anniversary in a year’s time, they continue to bring Jewish culture in its widest sense to a generation of (mostly) young people who were deprived for so many years of exposure to Jewish life, culture, education.

Limmud FSU’s annual report, Limmud FSU A Retrospective, is available for download.