Junction Europe Launches COVD-19 Humanitarian Grants


We have been impressed and humbled by the amount of activism that young adult have taken across Europe to help their communities during this difficult time. We want to enable these young adults to continue working or start working on their humanitarian efforts. We are designating specific funds for humanitarian aid projects run by young adults for the greater community. This can include delivering goods and services, running hotlines, creating services and support for the new poor, programming that engages volunteers, and more.

These grants are not instead of our grants for gathering, but for now the gathering grants are on pause.


We will support projects that are following the regulations of the specific country they are in. To apply for a grant you must be a registered organization or connected to a registered organization as your granting partner. You must also be connected to the larger Jewish community of your city and country and we must see some collaboration between the two.


You are eligible to apply if you are doing the project in a European country.


Your grant will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis, we aim for a two week time period, after your acceptance has been received we need all other documentation from you within another two weeks in order to proceed with the grant payment.


Jewish Young Adult Leaders throughout Europe (20-40 yrs old)


  • The project needs to be for a European country’s Jewish community which the grant applicant should reside in
  • They must be a registered organization or have a fiscal sponsor that is a registered organization
  • There must be some connection to the Jewish Community and a sign of communication between leadership and grantee
  • The applicant must be a young adult (18-40), but the target population of the project can be all ages
  • The project must be some kind of Humanitarian or Community rebuilding project (I.e. involving volunteers, deliveries, hired consultant, trainings, morale boosting activity, essential worker aid, essential service provider
  • Grantees can apply for two rounds of funding

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