Integrated Communications: Key for 2010

Communication, including the best utilization of social media tools, is continually changing. Developing, and directing interactive strategy, is becoming more mission critical. Organizations need trained professionals who can interact at the highest level to help craft and implement integrated approaches.

Here are a few articles that may be helpful in considering your various needs.

from Massachusetts Technology and Innovation Exchange:

Director of Community: Not Just Tweeting All Day Long

Similar to misperceptions in email, I believe that many are beginning to recognize the importance of the Community Manager (Director of Community) role in organizations. While some still think about those responsible for social media as people who “play around on Twitter all day long,” I believe this flippant description is quickly on the way out.

Note: I use the titles, Director of Community, Community Manager, and Social Media Manager interchangeably. While there are certainly some differences between them, in essence the roles are quite similar.

So, what does a Director of Community really do?


Does Your Nonprofit Need a Social Media Guide?

Guess what one of the biggest challenges nonprofits face today when adding a blog to their website or diving into social media? Giving up control.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Should blog comments be moderated?
  • Should we even allow public comments on our blog?
  • How do we handle negative comments? Just delete them?
  • How do we deal with trolls?
  • What if the opposition takes our tweets and twists our words?
  • What happens if some of our Facebook fans disagree with what we have to say in one of our status updates?

from Idealware:

Is Email Old News? Social Networks as the New Communications Channel

When it comes to online communications, social networking is the new kid in town. It’s hip, viral, and has huge communities of people sharing information with each other. And its rise comes as more and more people question email’s effectiveness – are social networks replacing email as a communications channel?

In short, no. But that doesn’t mean social networking is an insignificant trend.


5 Rules for Twitter Promotion

Twitter lets you instantly get the word out about your product, service, project, or idea. But to use Twitter promotion, you have to be the sort of Twitterer that people will choose to follow, as only your followers will ever see your tweets (posts).