In Memory of the Fallen: Honoring Heroes of Israel

by Moti Vaknin

The place, and the time: Israel on Yom Hazikaron – Israel’s Memorial Day – held on the fourth of Iyar, the day before Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day). Fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism are remembered at national memorial services, such as this one for victims of terrorist attacks at the military cemetery in Haifa. The somber mood of the day takes effect with radio and television programs on Israel’s wars, the closing of all venues of entertainment nationwide, and two air raid sirens which sound throughout the country, causing all traffic to stop in commemoration of Israel’s fallen.

images courtesy Israeli photographer Moti Vaknin : top – Two people sit and read from the Book of Psalms on behalf of a family member who was killed during a war or terror attack that occurred in Israel. Not only soldiers are remembered on this day.

middle – Naval soldiers laying wreaths for the memorial.

bottom – Naval soldiers perform a gun salute in honor of the fallen.

This post, and accompanying photographs, are from the just-released PresenTense Jewish Heroes issue.