Help Raise the Bar for Israeli Nonprofits: Amuta21C

by Shoshanna Jaskoll

Last year, the Future of Nonprofit Summit – Israel (FONSI) brought together over 200 professionals, mostly from the world of nonprofit, but also from the business and government sectors and start-up and tech pros, in an effort to work together towards raising the standards within the nonprofit world and to create a community.

While there are many one-day seminars or workshops on fundraising and learning how to approach the donor, there seemed a lack of community-oriented, professional development and ‘state of the sector’ events where nonprofits could communicate, kvetch and learn about the tools available to them.

We received excellent feedback last year, and we’ve listened to everything you had to say. This year, we have included workshops for a more hands-on approach on the topics and tools you want to know about.

We have also changed the name to “Amuta21C” to reflect that we are Israeli nonprofits with an eye towards the future. Joining us this year is Dame Stephanie Shirley the UK Ambassador for Philanthropy. She will speak on her personal history of business and philanthropic entrepreneurship and her campaign to create a culture of philanthropy worldwide (something we desperately need here in Israel).

In addition, our panel of investors will discuss the needs and goals of different types of philanthropic givers: individual, foundation and corporate. Tech companies will introduce you to the technology you need to keep tabs on donors, money, office needs and more!

You can learn from Israeli hi-tech start ups, hear what social media can and can’t do for you (and how to do it right), plan a ‘viral video’ and make a kick @ss website. What makes a great ad campaign, and how can your nonprofit become a ‘household name’? Is your organization seeing proportionate results to the efforts you’re putting into it? Come find out why not!

Panels will discuss timely issues such as what sparked and stoked the social justice movements and what can nonprofits learn from them about messaging and calls to action.

And Jackie Levy, veteran journalist, humorist and social commentator will make us laugh, cry and reflect on what makes nonprofits great.

The third sector needs and deserves a day to come together as a community to learn and grow. Together, we can work towards raising professional standards as individual organizations and as a sector. Please join us and add your voice!

Shoshanna Jaskoll is the co-producer of AMUTA21C, an annual summit focused on bringing together Israel’s non-profit and business professionals in an effort to create connections, showcase opportunities, and raise operational standards across the third sector.