Does Social Media Dilute Some Nonprofit Brands?

Do some [nonprofit] brands risk losing their essence, their identities, by playing nice with all the other brands in the social media sandbox?


Social Commerce: A Luxury that Luxury Brands Can’t Afford?

Welcome to the age of social commerce. Social media – specifically, a strategic social media presence – not only supports but also shapes consumer and brand behavior and increases brand and personal value. Why? Let’s break this down. You allow an entire network to review your Tweets about recent purchases, Tumblr posts about cool finds, or Facebook likes and dislikes. That network cares about what you have to say, which validates your opinions and amplifies your confidence, your I-have-something-to-add chops. It’s social currency and makes you a more desirable friend online and offline. Brands are starting to get it, and are giving consumers a reason to feel special and wanted via social media outlets.