Deadline Approaching for the Jewish Funders Network Matching Grants Initiative, “Avenues to Jewish Engagement for Intermarried Couples and their Families, in honor of 2015 Genesis Prize Laureate Michael Douglas”

The deadline for completing an application for the matching grants fund is March 15th.

michael-douglas-accepting-genesis-prize-0615By Melissa Rosen

During his acceptance speech at the 2015 Genesis Prize Award Ceremony, renowned actor and producer Michael Douglas spoke of how meaningful it was to be welcomed as a member of the Jewish people, as a son of a Jewish father and non-Jewish mother. He mentioned his strong belief that Judaism should reflect the spirit of welcome and the tradition that began with Abraham’s tent, open on all four sides so Abraham could welcome people from all directions. It was as a result of this belief that Michael Douglas deferred the $1M Genesis Prize award, so it could be used to support initiatives that would engage intermarried families in Jewish life. The Jewish Funders Network (JFN) created “Avenues to Jewish Engagement for Intermarried Couples and their Families,” a matching grants initiative that will ultimately award up to $1.65 in matching funds to organizations developing innovative approaches for involving intermarried families in Jewish life.

The deadline for completing an application for the matching grants fund is March 15, 2016. We encourage you to visit and learn more about this opportunity to see if you qualify for this important initiative.

Since the initial call for applications at the end of August, JFN has convened several events and hosted global web seminars, fielding a multitude of questions from highly interested funders and organizations. The following are a sample of the most frequently asked questions that should help you learn more about this meaningful opportunity.

1. Q: What information will my organization need to provide on the application about our work?
A: The application includes questions about the project purpose, impact on the target audience, expected results, and collaborations in which the organization is engaged. The full application may be viewed here.

2. Q: Are non-U.S. organizations and funders eligible for the match?
A: Yes! This is a global project and funders may reside in a different location than their recipient organizations.

3. Q: In order to be eligible for the match, do gifts have to come from new donors?
A: No. Gifts are eligible if they are either:

  • From a new donor, who contributes a minimum of $25,000 OR
  • From an existing donor who doubles his/her gift – the doubled gift must be $25,000 or more

4. Q: By when do gifts need to be paid?
A: Gifts must be paid by December 1, 2016. Documentation will be required.

5. Q: What information about the donor will be required?
A: An organization will submit its application with donor information including name, contact info, gift amount, etc., and then a JFN staff member will have a conversation with the donor to review the grant criteria and the role of JFN in the review process.

Melissa Rosen is Program Manager of Matching Grants at the Jewish Funders Network.