CAF Bank Launches Debit MasterCard for Charities

CAF Bank, the not-for-profit bank owned by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), has launched the CAF Bank MasterCard debit card for charities.

The CAF Bank debit card will enable cardholders to pay for goods and services from their CAF Cash Account in person, over the telephone, and online, in the UK and overseas. Cash can be drawn at ATMs bearing the MasterCard acceptance mark.

The card will also help charities to overcome the imposed changes that the anticipated closure of the cheque clearing system will bring in 2018.

The card is free for all CAF Cash Account holders and all standard transactions are free. The debit card is linked to the CAF Cash current account and available now to new customers. Existing CAF Cash customers can apply for the debit card at any point.

More information the CAF Bank debit card can be found at CAF Bank’s website.