Apply Now to Amplifier’s Jewish Giving Circle Incubator

Amplifier incumbatorAre you a passionate community-builder? Are you looking for a new, meaningful way to give? Apply today to become part of Amplifier’s Jewish Giving Circle Incubator.

Giving circles are groups who pool their charitable donations and decide together where to give them – creating a fun, meaningful, and DIY-approach to giving. They build strong communities of friends, family, colleagues, or organizational stakeholders who are devoted to bettering the world.

Amplifier is here to turn your giving circle idea into a reality through our Incubator program, training you to create a giving circle that’s:

  • Powerful: No matter how much each member contributes, giving together means your impact is amplified many times over.
  • Social: Giving circles don’t just get together to make grants. They eat, drink, laugh, and build a community around shared values.
  • Intentional: Circle members decide together what values and issues are most important to them.
  • Hands-on: Circle members learn about new issues and causes, engage with nonprofits directly, and make giving decisions together.

If you’re ready to build a giving circle and want to join a group of 30 stellar community-builders, bolstered by a full complement of support from Amplifier, apply for our Incubator.

Amplifier’s Jewish Giving Circle Incubator program will help 30 selected participants – individuals and professionals representing organizations – design new giving circles, growing them from an idea into an exciting grantmaking community in eight months. Our training experience includes a two-day kick-off convening in New York City on October 18-19 (with travel costs on us), a dedicated team of personal giving circle coaches, and a regular calendar of remote training, ongoing webinars, and peer mentoring.

There is no cost to participate, and there are no restrictions on the size, minimum donation level, or funding focus areas for giving circles incubated through this program.

Whether your circle members are 25 or 75, or ready to give $50 or $50,000, we encourage you to apply. No prior giving circle experience is necessary – just a desire to experiment with this meaningful and exciting way to give!

Apply for the Jewish Giving Circle Incubator today. Applications are due Tuesday, June 30 at 12pm EST.

Want to hear more about the Incubator? Register for our brief introductory webinar on Thursday, June 18, where you’ll have the opportunity to hear from past Incubator participants and ask questions about the program.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please be in touch:

Through the giving circles created through this Incubator, we can turn hundreds of new people on to giving inspired by Jewish values, and generate new sources of philanthropic support for the nonprofits we all care so much about.

We look forward to seeing your application.