Applications Open: Jewish Organizing Fellowship and Empower Fellowship

The Jewish Organizing Fellowship is a year-long paid community organizing Fellowship in Boston. It is a year of field experience and professional development for Jewish young adults (21-30) looking for the opportunity to turn good intention and raw talent into concrete skills and action.

The Empower Fellowship is a track within the Jewish Organizing Fellowship for Jews who self-identify as people with disabilities, disabled, or differently-abled. Empower Fellows will be part of the Jewish Organizing Fellowship, engaging in all of the training, community, and mentorship that come with being a Jewish Organizing Fellow. They will also participate in additional trainings to support their leadership as Jewish organizers with disabilities. JOIN will support Empower Fellows’ placement organizations in being as accessible and inclusive as possible. Like all Jewish Organizing Fellows, Empower Fellows will work at a variety of local social justice organizations, either within or beyond the disability community.

Applications are due Feb. 27th. To learn more, visit JOIN for Justice’s website, attend an info call on February 13, at 6:30 pm EST, or visit the JOIN for Justice Organizing Fellowship Facebook event or the event for the Empower Fellowship. For questions, comments, or accessibility needs, please contact Jihelah Greenwald at .