26 Israeli Charities Receive $2.7m from Hagee Ministries

Pastor John Hagee‘s 32nd annual “Night to Honor Israel” was recently held in the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. The 5,000 person sanctuary was filled to capacity with not only Evangelical Christians, but Jews from Israel representing 26 charities that received over $2.7 million in donations.

Over the years, Hagee Ministries has gifted Israeli organizations with over $80 million in humanitarian aid.

The following is a complete list of the Israeli charities that received donations, from smallest to largest gift:

26. Friends of the Israel Defense Forces
$50,000 for the care of fallen soldier’s families

25. Hadadi Center for Breast Cancer Survivors
$50,000 for the emotional and social support given to breast cancer survivors

24. Heart of Benjamin – CFOIC
$50,000 for children with Down Syndrome

23. Israel Help and Educational Center at Kiryat Gat
$50,000 for services for families at risk

22. Koby Mandell Foundation
$50,000 for services for victims of terror and trauma

21. Meir Panim
$50,000 for the fight against hunger and poverty in Israel

20. Migdal Ohr
$50,000 for the orphanage in Israel

19. Nahal Haredi
$50,000 for the acculturation of Haredi soldiers into the IDF

18. Or L’doron
$50,000 for the education of Ethiopian immigrants

17. The Herzl Institute in Jerusalem
$50,000 for the young leadership seminars

16. WIZO – Women’s International Zionist Organization
$50,000 for the support of operations for education and welfare projects and services

15. Afikim Family Enrichment Association
$75,000 for enrichment centers for at-risk families

14. Eretz Nehederet
$75,000 for Jewish awareness programs for the IDF

13. American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
$100,000 for the support of Holocaust survivors

12. Avukot Or
$100,000 for the support of blind young adults with severe physical disabilities

11. Bikur V’ezras Cholim
$100,000 for the home for developmentally challenged adults presented

10. The International Council of Young Israel
$100,000 for Jewish enrichment for hearing impaired children

9. Just One Life
$100,000 for the support and counseling of pregnant women

8. World Ort
$100,000 for vocational training for Ethiopian immigrants

7. Yad Vashem
$100,000 for support for the “Righteous Among Nations” program

6. Save a Child’s Heart
$125,000 for pediatric intensive care services

5. Netanya Academic Collage
$150,000 for the integration of new immigrants through higher education and assistance into the workforce

4. Ohr Torah Stone’s Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation
$150,000 for the creation of a more positive relations between Jews and Christians

3. Shurat Hadin Israel Law Center
$150,000 for the Israeli-based civil rights organization which combats terrorist organizations through lawsuits

2. The Jewish Agency for Israel
$250,000 for absorption and youth centers for new immigrants

1. Nefesh B’Nefesh
$500,000 for the revitalization of Aliyah by helping American-Jewish professionals achieve their dreams of living in Israel

courtesy Breaking Israel News