Call for Speakers: Judaism and Philanthropy

ELI Talks, in partnership with Jewish Funders Network and Jewish Teen Funders Network, is seeking inspired Jewish ideas for the next production of talks, scheduled to be filmed in New York at the end of October. ELI will be accepting submissions and nominations for the six available slots throughout the month of August. “We are looking for great new ideas and approaches to E, L and I - Engagement, Literacy and Identity - on the subjects of Jewish philanthropy, or Judaism and philanthropy,” says ELI talks program director Miriam Brosseau. “It’s really an amazing opportunity for newcomers to the field to test out their ideas on a powerful community platform, and for seasoned voices to present a new angle on important work.” For this round of talks, ELI is especially excited to feature a teen … [Read more...]

JDOV Talks and The Forward Form Media Partnership

JDOV, the recorded talks initiative inspired by TED talks, has announced an exclusive media partnership with The Jewish Daily Forward. Launched at the UK's Limmud Conference in 2011, JDOV (Jewish Dreams Observations Visions) takes its inspiration from TED Talks, inviting interesting and creative thinkers to give “the Jewish talk of their life” in 10-12 minutes. In the three years since it was launched, JDOV has filmed over 70 talks on four continents and developed relationships with a number of prominent production partners, including the Wexner Foundation, Hebrew University, Limmud, Jewish Book Week and JW3. JDOV’s films are made available to all in a free online library, featuring international figures from fields as diverse as the arts, politics, academia and journalism; as well as leading … [Read more...]

Investing in Video: The Nonprofit Video Benchmark Report


by Miriam Brosseau Social media marketing experts like Mari Smith are calling 2013 “the year of video,” and with good reason. The social web is increasingly image-driven, and video accounts for some of the most engaging and emotionally compelling content available. More than half of all Internet content is video. YouTube accounts for 4 billion hours of videos viewed every month. In this “new world order,” attention is the currency, and content, especially video, remains king. But to what extent are nonprofits taking advantage of video? … [Read more...]

Giving Prospective Parents a Taste of the Jewish Day School Community

Parents Choose Other Parents: Giving Prospective Parents a Taste of the Jewish Day School Community by Irene Lehrer Sandalow and Miriam Brosseau When I pick a coffee shop to spend several hours getting in some uninterrupted work time, I look not only for great coffee but great people; a barista who remembers my name or favorite order, or a friendly smile from a fellow cappuccino-drinker, tapping madly away at her laptop. If we look at those that will be our peers at a coffee shop - a short-term commitment - how much more so for parents choosing a Jewish day school! Often the first step for parents in researching a school is checking out the school’s website. They will likely find: Pictures of the smiley, happy children - check Bios of the staff - check A general video about the … [Read more...]

Is Your Organization Ready for Video?

Washington Institute for Near East Policy video still

by Jeff Rubin On January 31, our organization will host an event featuring leaders of U.S. industry, the military and medical research who will discuss the benefits of Israeli innovations to the United States in the areas of hard and soft security. No matter the turnout, chances are more people will watch this event on video than will attend the program in person. Today, online video provides an easy and affordable way to expand your organization’s audience at a time when many of the world’s most powerful people can scarcely afford time away from the office or home - and when the person you may most wish to engage may be thousands of miles away. Live broadcast of events expands the direct participation of your audience and heightens the immediate impact of the program. Making the video … [Read more...]

The Secrets of Winning an Academy Award: How One Day School Got Out the JDSA Vote

by Shira Garber Strosberg and Arnold Zar-Kessler This fall, Jewish day schools across North America were charged by the AVI CHAI Foundation with creating a video on their own… without the support of a video professional. The goal of this video contest: share a story of someone from the school’s alumni community, and then distribute the video to the school constituent groups and encourage them to vote for the clip. Even with dozens of entrants, Schechter was in first place with 1,915 votes, representing an incredible 19% of all votes, when the contest closed on Wednesday, December 12th. This contest challenged us not only to create a great story through video, but also to share the story with our students, parents, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, faculty, staff and friends. This was … [Read more...]

Laying the Elusive Golden Egg Gangnam Style

golden egg

by Mordecai Holtz Social media is an absolutely fantastic tool. The potential to reach a global market by breaking the boundaries of classical marketing tactics is simply fascinating. But with all of its strengths, social media is not intended to be the life line of a fledgling organization or the golden egg that magically saves the day. Why is it then that some companies and NGO’s still think that what this medium holds can be used in this way. This question began bothering me a few days ago, when one of our clients invited us participate in their annual planning meeting. As part of their fundraising campaign, they set a goal to raise a significant amount of capital to complete a building. In describing their strategy of reaching this lofty goal, they included a mix of traditional and more … [Read more...]