Will Portland Become the New Center for Jewish Innovation?

The Jewish Federation of Greater Portland has hopped on the “innovation bandwagon” – making up to $300,000 available “to inspire individuals, organizations and agencies to develop and implement new or enhanced programs to meet significant community needs or create significant opportunities.”

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles has also launched a program seeking the “next big Jewish idea“.

But what sets the Portland program apart is that $300k is almost 10% of their projected revenues!

According to Marc Blattner, federation president and CEO, “We are truly looking to change the dynamic of how we allocate dollars and seeking to fund new and innovative programs. Like most federations, we continue to primarily fund our network of partner agencies. This way, we can make an impact by inviting others into Portland and to create new portals to reach our growing and diverse Jewish population. We plan to be the “test laboratory” for Jewish America and the most innovative Jewish community.”

Now, when the pundits wonder where the center of Jewish life is, they may need need to include Portland on the menu options.

Additional information is available on the federation website.