Why you Should be using Video to Attract Top Talent

By Josh Gold

Every professional setting is defined first and foremost by the people who work there.

What kind of dynamic do they share? What kind of energy do they bring to the job, individually and as a group? You can have an interior designer administer to the feng shui of the furniture, and you can provide all the modern conveniences, but ultimately it’s the human element that decides whether you’ve created a congenial and productive working environment.

In the nonprofit world, you have the opportunity to put together a team that is genuinely passionate and dedicated.

By bringing in people who are inspired by your mission, people who believe that their contribution is important, you infuse your organization with their enthusiasm. Not just that – when you have a group of people who are all united in a common cause, they’re more likely to develop strong camaraderie and a genuine rapport.

Larger organizations often use video to show off their workplace culture and attract prospective employees.

The dynamics, the personalities, the sentiments everyone brings to the job and the rewards they take away from it, are all plain to see. And any material perks are no secret, either!

This is an effective recruitment tool because it sells the work experience not just positively, but accurately. It paints a picture of the common values, interests and overall spirit shared by the staff. By responding to this video, applicants indicate their interest in participating in what they’ve seen on-screen. They naturally self-select for those who will be a good fit.

A video is also quite a good way to impress. Based on the polish of your pitch, top-tier, highly qualified candidates will understand that you are willing to invest in talent. They’ll be more inclined to reach out, knowing that this is somewhere they’ll be appreciated.

Smaller organizations can benefit just as much as large ones from this approach. Your staff is an essential resource. They’re the ones who make all the the grand ideals a reality. They’re the ones who carry out your vision. If you’re growing and need to add personnel, or if someone moves or retires and needs to be replaced, you want to ensure that you bring the best onboard.

Are you looking to make any new hires? Consider whether video is the right choice for you.

Josh Gold, owner of Serio Films, has helped nonprofits raise millions of dollars through video-based marketing. You can follow Josh and his team over at seriofilms.com and facebook.com/seriofilms.