Two JPRO Programs, Open to All: Caring for Our Communities and Ourselves


Our cities, our communities, our organizations, our families, ourselves – at all levels, this is a difficult and constantly changing time that requires resilience and care. Join us to explore ways to cultivate care as we face new challenges and uncertainties.

Our four guest speakers will each explore a different dimension of cultivating resilience  – click here to see the details. Registration required.


Friday: REAL LEADERSHIP IN SURREAL TIMES: How JUF, Prizmah, and Repair the World are navigating uncharted waters

Each of our organizations is responding to the Coronavirus pandemic in a different way, and as conditions change, we need to continue to adapt our responses. Join us to talk with leaders from three community organizations to hear how they’ve been making decisions, remaining flexible, and leading the way.

Click here to see the details. Registration required.