Trends in Giving

Fundraisers know that foundations vary widely in size, type and aims. Even with that, there are similarities that can provide useful knowledge for nonprofits.

With competition for funding intensifying, and lately with the economy taking a downturn that seems to be felt in many places and at many levels, knowing something about foundations can be quite helpful.

Speaking at the International Conference on Fundraising sponsored by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), Gloria M. Pugliese, director of corporate and foundation relations at LaSalle University, pointed out that there are certain trends that have been identified in connection with foundations recently.

They are:

  • Program support ranks highest among the types of foundation giving, at close to 50 percent.
  • General/operating support is second at around 20 percent.
  • Capital support (including endowment) is third at approximately 16 percent.
  • Research and student aid funding receive less than 10 percent each of all foundation dollars.
  • At least half of all grants are for less than $50,000 or less in all categories except international affairs and social sciences. Small grants still account for the largest share of the overall number of grants for social sciences.
  • Foundations generally do not like to be the only source of support for a particular project or organization.

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