The Today and Tomorrow of Fundraising

Last week saw the Big Apple host the 2008 version of the New York Nonprofit Conference.

Here, from Fundraising Success Magazine, is a keynote snapshot:

Every fundraiser’s task for the next few years is to navigate a path between traditional and emerging fundraising strategies.

So says Frank O’Brien, president of the Washington, D.C.-based consultancy OMP, who gave the keynote presentation, “The Six Dynamics Shaping the Future of Fundraising“.

  1. Building lists isn’t just about finding donors — it’s about making yourself “findable.”
  2. The charitable experience is shifting from a tight circle of donors to a looser circle of engagement.
  3. People move fluidly back and forth across channels and up and down in their level of engagement.
  4. There is a generational and technological shift from obligation to excitement.
  5. What happens today in commercial direct marketing will happen tomorrow in nonprofit fundraising.
  6. There’s an urgent need to have an easily expressed, emotionally powerful identity.

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