The Samuel Bronfman Foundation Second Stage Growth Fund

The Samuel Bronfman Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of a Second Stage Growth Fund. This fund will offer an opportunity for organizations in the post start-up phase of development to apply for general operating funding, which will help them successfully adapt their organizational structure to fit shifting and expanding needs.

A recent report, generated by Bikkurim: An Incubator for New Jewish Ideas and supported in part by The Samuel Bronfman Foundation, notes that many innovative organizations that have injected new energy into Jewish life by offering alternative and relevant programming are now transitioning into a post start-up phase that requires, among other things, larger annual budgets and a greater investment in infrastructure.

“Our mission is to create a Jewish renaissance,” says Edgar M. Bronfman, President of the Foundation. “It has been exciting to see a burgeoning of innovative organizations over the past couple of decades. Now it is time for us, as responsible funders concerned with the long-term success of these projects, to take a hard look at promoting their sustainability. I am happy we have identified a process to address this need and hope it will encourage others to engage with the issue of long-term sustainability in a serious and creative way.”

Eligible organizations will have already completed, or be engaged in, a strategic planning process and can apply for funding to assist the organization in reaching its next phase. Applicants are invited to apply for funding up to $100,000, to be distributed over multiple years. For more information on applying to the Fund, visit the Foundation’s website, here.

The Samuel Bronfman Foundation is guided by the vision of Edgar M. Bronfman. It is dedicated to inspiring a vibrant and joyful Jewish future by working to build a knowledgeable, proud and welcoming community.