The Nonprofit World’s Worst Nightmare is Coming to TV

If you have ever questioned Angelina, Bono and Madonna’s charitable motives, meet Michael Valmont-Selkirk. With him, the face of philanthropy never looked so crooked. Premiering Sunday, September 13, Showcase launches The Foundation, a brand-new half-hour comedy set in the elite world of charity. The five-episode series airs Sundays at 10:40 pm ET/PT.

The Foundation takes a satirical, often absurdist look at philanthropy. Set in a world where sincerity and sentimentality are superseded by egos and greed, the series tells the story of Michael Valmont-Selkirk, an irresponsible, corrupt man holding the reins of The R.J. Selkirk Foundation, a powerful not-for-profit organization. While on the surface The R.J. Selkirk Foundation exists to help raise awareness for various causes and of course funds, in reality, Michael’s primary motivation for helping is the cause dearest to his heart – himself.

Over the course of the season, The Foundation tackles a myriad of causes. Michael spends a night on the street with the homeless, sends a wheelchair athlete on a cross-country fundraiser and makes a dying girl’s dreams come true. However, with plans fueled by his desire for power, personal prestige and money, things seldom go as planned and often end up with disastrous – albeit hilarious – results.