The 2012 N.Y. 36 Under 36

Social change often bubbles up from below, far from the corridors of power. And particularly in the Jewish community, weighed down as it is with slow-moving institutions headed (generally) by men in their 60s, the burden of innovation falls on the young. For five years now, The Jewish Week has been highlighting some of the young people who are driving change in the community with their “36 Under 36” section. This time around, they’ve noticed that the 36ers are broadening the definition of Jewish community. They’re building bridges with other communities – be it an interfaith group of Muslims and Jews, a group of YU students who conduct science experiments for public school children in Washington Heights, or the NYU club that connects students with Israeli tech companies. And five years on, they’re seeing leadership pop up in new areas within the community: among Orthodox women, the Russian-speaking population, and young 20-somethings. There’s also a rekindling of interest and exposure in Jewish communities that otherwise would have been lost to us – including a young female scholar who has written a book about the Jews of Afghanistan. From artists and educators to philanthropists and social justice advocates, these young visionaries are challenging the Jewish community to expand the breadth and depth of its reach:

1. Sara Aharon

2. Boruch B. Bender

3. Jason Bieber

4. Miriam Brosseau

5. Miriam Droz

6. Yvette Arlene Edidin

7. Dov Emerson

8. Deborah Fishman

9. Jonathan Gerber

10. Emma Goldberg

11. Simon Goldberg

12. Josh Goldstein

13. Michael Greenberg

14. Mor Keshet

15. Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer

16. Simi Lampert

17. Bryan Lipsky

18. Elana Loeffler

19. Elie Lowenfeld

20. Rebecca Missel

21. Avram Isaac Mlotek

22. Jason Guberman-Pfeffer

23. Jaimie Mayer Phinney

24. Alicia Jo Rabins

25. Liana Rosenman

26. Shea Rubenstein

27. Slava Rubin

28. Symi Rom-Rymer

29. Yair Saperstein

30. Michelle Waldman Sarna

31. Roman Shmulenson

32. Judah Skoff

33. Erin Leib Smokler

34. Heather Stoltz

35. Rabbi Ari Weiss

36. Samuel Zerin

For more on this year’s young visionaries, see The Jewish Week‘s special section, 36 Under 36, The Next Wave.