Thank You, Teachers

Dear Friends,

As we put an end to one of the strangest school years on record, we at the Mayberg Center want to acknowledge the remarkable energy and commitment of teachers – from pre-K through rabbinic school and beyond – who had to become instant online educators for many months. Our teachers had to re-think the content and format of lessons and sustain student engagement on a flat screen, often while managing families of their own in the same space. This was difficult, creative and strenuous work. Many have described it as the hardest work they’ve ever done.Maimonides writes that the world endures because of the fervent study of school children in the classrooms of their teachers (Laws of Torah Study, Mishneh Torah 2:1). This video honors the dedication of our teachers in upholding the precious value of education with a few minutes of our heartfelt gratitude. Please share it with a teacher who has made a difference in your life.

Thank you, Teachers! from GSEHDWEB on Vimeo.

With Appreciation and Admiration,
Dr. Erica Brown
Director, Mayberg Center for Jewish Education and Leadership
Graduate School of Education and Human Development
The George Washington University